Sunday, 12 March 2017


Hi and Assalammualaikum everyone.

Its been a while since I last writing in this blog. My life have been so busy lately, packed with assignment, on going assesment. Alhamdulillah I managed to finish them all! But, another 2 in a process to complete i hope it can be done in this week. Allah, im too close to final. It is just left 3 weeks. Haih time flies so fast... I cant wait to finish my finals!! May Allah ease everything...amin. Im hoping for the best, for the sake of my life. So, what Im going to do during my 5months of holiday is to work(((if papa allows me to)) if takleh then im gonna cry and try to beg him or mama. Im planning to work only for 2 - 3 months je lepastu resign la. It is time for me to earn money by myself, I just nak rasa how to work and cari experience cause I never work before. It must be so exciting!! heheh