Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Assalammualaikum and hi everyone!! Hell yeah i coudnt get the chance to blog even when im at home though. You guys know how busy am i living my life.. Yep its a ramadhan month and not to forget happy fasting to all muslims in the whole wide world. Yeah, fasting has been great y'all.
Thank god, this year im fasting with my fam at my home but not in UiTM. ;p  I cant imagine how my my life would be if im at college right now. Mungkin sahur makan biskut or maybe i will just skip my sahur. For buka mungkin makan maggi jelah. Haha #studentsprobem. My sem break ada balance 3 months lagi. Ya Allah....... For the past 2 months im just staying home without doing nothing, NOTHING. Adalah kemas rumah, vaccum and etc. Oh i just got a new hobby now, playing badminton. Haha. Let me list out the players:
1. Me
2. Dikya
3. Nisa
4. Nabila
5. Aboy
6. Boboy
7 Bangcik.

They are all permanent player. We created a whatsapp group named AHLI KELAB BADMINTON.
It will be easier for us to remind each other when will be a training session or friendly match.
So, whoever didnt manage to attend a training session will be kicked out from the group. That is the rules. HAHAHA it may sounds ridiculous. But who the hell care.

A lot of things i wanted to share here... Maybe next time. Night!